All about Goddex

a whimsically and magically designed home decor brand, dedicated to adding a little color in to everyday life. each product is infused with intention, a secret spell to bring light and comfort in to your home. knowing energy transfers, we work hard to ensure all of our raw materials are sourced from ethical suppliers who love what they do as much as we do.

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Meet the Staff: Kass | Founder & Designer

big three: cancer sun, cancer moon, scorpio rising 

fav goddex product: the moon candle has a special place in my heart. it's my favorite candle to light after a long day, and allows me the moment to fall in to myself a bit. i'm a natural hermit, so this is a perfect way for me to make my space feel sacred.

 fav thing to do at goddex: i love creating new products. seeing things go from concept to creation fills me with joy

Meet the Staff: Christy | Content Creator

big three: taurus sun + moon, libra rising

fav goddex product: The Pythia Shadow Guiding candle! Obsessed with it; like seriously. I burned it when I started diving into night magic + shadow work and it truly made me feel like I'm the Hermit + the candle was my lantern guiding me through the dark

Meet the Staff: Fenn | Studio Assistant

big three: cancer sun, aries moon, virgo rising

fav goddex product: the apricot & mint candle! It reminds me of something from my childhood that I can’t quite put my finger on, and the artwork on the label is one of my favorites.

fav thing to do at goddex: anything when i get to do it with someone else! The work goes so much faster and feels less like work when you’re busy laughing. I especially love bath bomb days though!

Meet the Staff: Colleen | Studio Assistant

Big three: Sagittarius sun Aries moon Aries rising

Fav Goddex product: Candles are a must have in my house but it's so hard to choose a favorite!!! I love the moon, baba, familiar, and Circe to name a few. Bath and shower have always been safe and healing places for me so shower steamers and bath bombs have been so therapeutic for me. I love an evil eye steamer but a Persephone or hekate bb are my favorite to meditate to in the bath.

Fav thing to do at Goddex: it's safe to say I could do anything and enjoy working in such a safe, amazing environment as long as I'm with the beautiful people on the Goddex team! However I LOVE working with wax. Soy candles from start to finish is one of my favorite jobs. Unexpectedly, I also really enjoy shrink wrapping!